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Thanks for coming over to read my latest blog and a little update on where CamelChops is right now and how things are changing behind the scenes over here.


It’s tough. It’s beautiful. It’s raw. It’s real.

So, CamelChops is a family business. It was a husband and wife team. That’s about to change as I will be pushing forward solo.

Unfortunately, Mr & Mrs Chops are currently going through a seperation. It’s been a tough few years with little kiddos, the business and lots of other adversities. We NEED this change. For us and for our young girls. It’s an extremely raw and emotional time but we all know that we are doing this for the sake of all our happiness.

We are now working on being the best Co-Parents we can possibly be for our girls and I’m looking forward to the challenge. My girls are my whole world.

I am also open to use this as an opportunity for any other person going through this or has been through this and wants to chat. I’m here and I will gladly speak.

Please bear with me while I navigate this monumental change. CamelChops couldn’t be here without you. And me 😜

I have some amazing friends who have helped me more than they realise.

Let’s do it.


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