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Hi 👋

I'm Wayne. Mr.Chops. Master maker, social media manager, designer, stock checker and many more roles thrown in! But, firstly I'm a husband and father ❤️

I'm super grateful that CamelChops is my life. I knew when I was furloughed from my previous job back in early 2020 that there was something incomplete with my life. I have worked in big pharma, worked in management where I realised that working a 9-5 job just didn't satisfy me.

I've never been motivated by money. My motivation is my family and it always has been and will never change.

I work from home and I get to spend way more time with my family than i ever could being employed by someone. That makes me happy.

So, not quite 3 years in we are happier than ever. Working hard. Designing and creating new products with cycling still at the core of our business. We are now extending our product range to some non- cycling related items so please stay on this journey with us and see where we can go ❤️

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