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Hey 👋

I've been thinking about life. Dreams. Happiness.

Mainly, what makes me happy! I think too often people confuse happiness with pleasure. I'm guilty of it too.

I know that certainly some of you reading this will be able to empathise with the theme here and the "chase". You probably ask yourself what you're chasing. I hope you know what that is AND if you get it, please pause and enjoy the victory when you get there.

I see so many aim for the better job with a promotion, the bigger salary, the fancier car, the nicer house in that sought after area and the Instagram holidays. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with chasing any of those goals or dreams. Just remember that it does NOT guarantee happiness. Most of those things may give you some form of pleasure, which we all know is temporary.

And, the promotion will likely mean more hours or more responsibilities of which will mean less time at home in that fancy new house you have just moved into. Less time with your family. More stress. More emails. More meetings. All for more money.

Keep dreaming and being ambitious. I admire you for your drive. I just hope that you know when to stop chasing. Because if you don't you will never find true happiness.

I'm talking about this only because I feel like recently it's become more clear to me that happiness comes in many different ways for different people and I'm slowly learning to just slow down and enjoy the moments for what they are.

Im still ambitious. I still want to drive forward with CamelChops and grow the business. Is it to become rich? Absolutely not. It's to give me and my family the best possible life as a result of the successes. To have a better balance with work and life.

Everyone reading, thank you and I hope this resonates with at least a small portion of you.

Keep dreaming. But, celebrate the milestones and small victories as they pass so quickly and you more than likely had to work your ass of to achieve them.


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