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For the Dads!!

For the dads!

This one is for you. Or this one is for US!!

Being a father is simple some days. Being a father is exhausting some days too. But, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world!

I have to admit, throughout my recent years I have questioned myself time and time again. About all sorts of things ranging from decisions I have made in my marriage. Decisions I’ve made regarding CamelChops and also the smaller daily events. I have never however questioned my ability as a father and that makes me proud.

I love it. I love my girls and they adore me.

With being separated from the girls mum, being told that I’m doing a great job as their dad on a regular basis is really reaffirming. I hope that the dads out there that are separated from their kids mums have a good relationship and if you don’t, hang in there it gets better.

Three cheers for the fathers (And 3 for the mums too!) you deserve the recognition for being a father! Your kids need their dad. They unequivocally need you in their lives ❤️

Happy Father’s Day


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1 Comment

Very well said, Happy fathers day.

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